February 7th, 2008

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Ugh I'm feeling anxious today. I just want to go to bed. I hardly ate today. I think I had about 300 cals I'm just not hungry. Haven't been this whole week. I'm still not sleeping well. I feel a bit overwhelmed and I feel like my body aches and I'm so cold 24/7. Since I haven't been eating well for about 2 weeks I feel like I'm losing weight rapidly my sister noticed and asked why I haven't been eating but of course what could I say other than I dont have much of an appetite. I do try to eat my I physically and emotionally can't. I live on coffee though.

I feel a bit sick after I eat though and I keep getting headaches it may be my lack of sleep I think.

I felt good this morning but then suddenly I got so anxious and panicky I tried calming myself without my meds as I am running low. I try to concentrate on other things and then I start to cry. Oh well. I've got to keep going I suppose.
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