February 6th, 2008

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Ugh I've got so much homework but I can't concentrate. I don't want to do shit other than sleep. I've been going to sleep pretty late now. I'm sort of a perfectionist so everything must be done right especially when it comes to school. Yet, I'm a mess. Ugh.....
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It's beginning to get late and I was hoping to get to bed early. I will still try to sleep earlier than 2am as I have been doing. I have to study though, I've a quiz tomorrow. This shit is driving me crazy though.

I told my sister I would hang out with her tonight but it's so late and I feel like I broke my promise, she was looking forward to it as she suspects something is the matter with me. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I hate breaking promises and I cried because of it. I know she worries for me and it's the last I want of her.

Eh, I'm exhausted and cold. It's been a long day as usual.

My best friend asked me if I had OCD. I have no idea whether I am though but I am a perfectionist. That bothered me. Whatever though.

Ugh, I have a stomach ache and just had an anxiety attack when I cried but I have to pull through because it's really not all that unusual.

Well back to work. =(
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