February 3rd, 2008

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I'm sort of new here and I don't know how all this works. I want to make new friends on here and talk about some of these issues particularly because I think we have some of them in common.

No sleep

Ok so all day I have been sitting in my computer room trying to do homework but no luck. It's so hard to concentrate. I keep crying. I worry about what I have eaten. I journal what I eat and lately I haven't been eating much yesterday I actually did eat because there was a baby shower and my family was present so I had to eat. That night I cut myself and I was bleeding a lot. It's weird.

I take meds, i go to a nutritionist who only seems to feel pity for me, she's nice though, and I also meet with a therapist once a week. She's cool but ultimately no help i keep getting worse. I cry every day sometimes I want to cry in the middle of class and I cry often times at work. I'm cutting myself almost everyday day now.

No one in my family knows my problem ED-NOS, depression, anxiety and panic attacks and cutting. My sister saw scars though i think she has an idea that I cut myself. Oh well.

I'm supposed to be doing homework but I think I'll be here a while. Ugh!
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